Project multiplying effect


This project represents the first step of promoting eco- and ethno-tourism in the selected region of Programme area. These are the very beginnings of education of local rural community members about the significance and importance of ecosystem preservation for the economic development and to include them as collaborators in enhancing the tourism potential of the region. The transferred knowledge has the potential to further grow among the upcoming generations, supplying them with new skills and job opportunities in different branches of economic development. This could potentially provide the necessary opportunities for young people in the areas of rural tourism and stop the alarming trend of countryside depopulation. Carefully coordinated activities concerning providing different products based on natural and cultural heritage have the ability to provide an additional income for local community members and local governmental bodies. Also our project will generate opportunities for self-employment and in that way decrease the pressure on the local government bodies with regard to social aid expenditures. Furthermore, the elevation of the ecosystem preservation awareness and the implementation of green technologies will facilitate the transition to EU regulations proscribed for Serbia as an EU country candidate. The long term overall aim of the project is the improvement of cross-border cooperation in the region fostering a sustainable and safe environment, where the common cultural and natural heritage is successfully managed together. The economic opportunities are extended by further development of business, educational and cultural relations, resulting in the job creation.