Project summrary


Project summary
The organizations that will carry AREeCcDev project out are the Faculty of Medicine UNS, the University of Szeged, the Institute for Lowland forestry and Environment UNS and the Public Company “Palić-Ludaš”. The first stage of the project will be the 3D mapping of the terrain of Special nature reserve “Ludaš Lake” and parts of Landscape of outstanding features “Subotička peščara” and Special nature reserve “Selevenjske pustare”. During this time the nature tracks will be mapped out, along with anti-stress gardens and air spas. In this first stage of the project the
capacities of the Ludas Lake Visitor center will be upgraded to suit the needs of the later stages of the project. Along these activities a comprehensive ethno-botanical questionnaire will be created and circulated among the local population. This will allow us to gather information about the cultural heritage and traditional uses of the local flora. With this information a literature summary and safety testing will provide us with the information about the plants indicated for traditional use in the survey. This will allow creation of workshops that will combine the knowledge of modern medicine with the traditional and culturally unique practices of the population in the program area. These workshops will be tailored for all members of local community and give them the necessary skills to use the traditional plants to create unique souvenirs, health and food products. Combined with the new health tracks, anti-stress gardens, air spas and the small botanical garden this will greatly increase the tourism profile of the area, and allow the local population to exploit the growing trend of health tourism while at the same time working to preserve their cultural heritage. In order to ensure the sustainability and with respect to the EC open science policies all of the findings of the project will be organized in a comprehensive online monogram with detailed trilingual support.